Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Watch Discovery to Discover More

Discovery Channel is available on cable and satellite specialty channels in the US, meanwhile people living in other parts of the world get this channel through IPTV, terrestrial television and internet television. At present, the channel is delivering documentary programs related to attention-grabbing topics in science, technology and history. In the US, the Discovery network also offer shows with primary focus on reality television themes such as speculative investigation, automobiles, occupations, etc.

Discovery Channel was launched in 1985 with a $5 million capital from BBC, Allen & Company, Venture America and several other investors.  In its early years, the channel was available only to some 156,000 households, broadcasting some specific programs like Vremya. Two years later, the channel started broadcasting the late evening program World Monitor, produced by the Christian Science Monitor. One by one, the list of programs expanded and within a five-year span, the channels reach had extended up to 50 million households, with exciting programs on sharks, crabs and other marine species.

Today, this channel is considered as the most popular and widely distributed channel package in the United States, with a reach of over 92 million households. Regional versions of the channel are available in Latin America, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, India, Malaysia and many other countries.

The channel has also received good acclamation from the K-12 students and many schools across the country. Prior to the dawn of Discovery Channel, students were finding it difficult to understand history with just academic books and library references. Discovery Channel ventured into education by trying to visually connect the modern world to the past, recreating and recollecting historical events and making it easier for anyone to take a peek into our ancestry. The topics offered by the channel range from ancient history to contemporary politics.

For people interested in marine biology, the channel offers many documentaries and television series related to marine life. One of the most widely accepted reality television series aired on the channel was Deadliest Catch in 2005. It portrayed the fishermen who hunt for Alaskan king crab and opilio crab in the freezing cold waters of the Bering Sea, their life, the struggles and torment that they endure aboard their fishing vessels for an entire fishing season.  The show exposed the real danger to the crew on the decks of their boats as crews ply their trade while ducking heavy crab pots. The series also showed the risks of being on a boat in the Bering Sea crab grounds, in the midst of some of the coldest and stormiest waters on earth, where even the most minor problem becomes complex and requires considerable cleverness to solve when the nearest port of any kind is often hundreds of miles away. Recently, Discovery announced that Deadliest Catch would return for an eighth season. I am eagerly waiting for the new version of the series to start, which I can view on my newly bought HD television connected to Time Warner Cable.

Various other channels offered by Discovery are Discovery HD, Discovery Knowledge, Discovery Turbo, Discovery Science, Animal Planet, DMAX, Discovery Real Time, Discovery Home & Health, Discovery Travel & Leisure and Discovery Shed.

Some of the interesting programs for the day on Animal Planet are Animal Cops Phoenix, Extinctions Cheetah, Unearthed, Extinctions Tiger etc.  Meanwhile, Discovery Science offers thought-stirring shows like Mega Science, Connections 2, Million 2 One, Stan Lee’s Superhumans, Dino Lab II, Food Detectives etc. On Discovery Turbo, you can watch shows like Thunder Races, British Biker Build-Off, Auto Trader, Fifth Gear and Wheeler Dealers.

Discovery’s some of the non-television ventures includes a radio channel, lending brand to retail stores, giving sponsorship to sports teams etc. The channel’s satellite radio service is available in many parts of Canada. The programming model consists of converting some of the popular TV programs to audio versions.

In all ways, watching Discovery Channel gives a really good and satisfying experience.

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